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The UN Special Rapporteur visited Brazil most recently from 4 to 14 November 2007. He gave a press conference in Brasilia on 14 November 2007 at the conclusion of his visit, available here, and reported on his visit to the March 2009 session of the UN Human Rights Council. His mission addressed extrajudicial executions by the police, on and off duty, and examined the investigatory mechanisms available to combat impunity for such killings as well as the killings of those in prison and in detention. A prior mandate holder visited Brazil from 16 September to 8 October 2003. That report also focused on killings by the policy and impunity for such killings, and a follow-up report was submitted by the Special Rapporteur in 2006. The Special Rapporteur is currently preparing a follow-up report on his 2007 mission to Brazil, which will be presented to the UN Human Rights Council in May 2010.